How to make your car festive-ready?
November 18, 2021

How to make your car festive-ready?

The most exciting time of the year is here yet again when everyone is decked up to have fun, celebrate, eat, make new memories, spree, and spend time with their  loved ones. The festivals are around the corner and festivities are in full swing.

No wonder, around this time of the year, we focus on many things like meeting friends and family, cleaning the house, decorating, buying new stuff, and much more. But has anyone ever given attention to make their car festive ready? Your vehicle plays a huge role in making your festivals a huge success and fun. Starting from shopping, going on vacations, to meeting relatives, and much more, for everything you need to have your car. So, to prepare your car for the festivals, here are some indispensable car accessories that you must have or check during the festival season.

How to make your car festive-ready?

  • Car lights – festivals involve driving at night and in different weather conditions. So, it is essential to ensure that the car lights are working properly, especially if you are in an unfamiliar region. Check your headlights, fog lights, brake lights, reverse lights, daytime running lights, etc. before driving your car. 
  • Emergency kit – festivals mean holidays and holidays means vacation. This is the reason one should always be well-prepared while traveling and be festive ready. Having an emergency kit in your car is a big yes. The kit should have water, a battery charger, a spare wheel, a tow rope, and jumper cables, puncture kit, etc. 
  • Foot mats – one might think that foot mats are not an essential accessory during this time of the year. But you definitely don’t want to travel in a dirty car. Traveling is a regular thing during festivals and your car experiences a lot of dust and dirt. Having car foot mats is highly essential to keep your car neat and clean.
  • Car seat covers – people don’t ponder much on the seat covers as they are happy with their original car seat covers. But it takes no time to get them dirty with the entire traveling and shopping spree. So, if you want to protect your car seats from scratches, dirt, or normal wear and tear, then having high-quality car seat covers should be your priority. 
  • Fragrance – no one likes to travel in a stinky car. Also, it is kind of embarrassing to have a car that smells bad that too during festivities. So, to avoid sheer embarrassment, having a car fragrance accessory is important such as car perfumes, car air fresheners, etc. Having an odor-free car brings in good luck and prosperity. 
  • Audio and visual car accessories – traveling without audio and visual accessories is not great idea as it leads to boredom. You don’t want to end up being bored while traveling during the festive season. So, try getting your car equipped with the best audio and visual car accessories which will keep you and your fellow travelers fully entertained.  


Many people think that getting their car festive ready is only limited to simple car service or car wash. But it is more than that. The above-mentioned tips will help you understand and adopt the right method to make your car festive-ready. However, if you are confused about where to get these car accessories, then AutoFurnish is the best place for you.

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